Consumers are key players in today’s energy market. Their active engagement means an effective evolution towards a more innovative, decentralised and decarbonised electricity system.

In this new market, consumers are not passive recipients of electricity anymore. They can benefit from a range of innovative products and services including energy efficiency, demand response, self-generation, home energy management, storage and electro-mobility. Consumers are also enabled to produce and sell their own electricity, should they wish to.

The principles governing such markets should be the same as for any other market. Consumers should be able to make an informed choice among a variety of offers and be protected from any unfair practices. They will have that choice wherever suppliers and other service providers (ESCOs, aggregators, local energy cooperatives, etc.) can freely enter markets, compete on a level playing field, innovate to meet different consumer expectations and develop new products and services.

Beyond advocating for well-designed and competitive retail markets, Eurelectric is actively involved in consumer issues, spanning all pre-sale and post-sale processes. Areas such as marketing and contracting on the one hand, and billing, customer care, switching and dispute resolution on the other hand, are all crucial to ensure that consumers feel at ease while dealing with their electricity service provider.

Eurelectric is engaged to make sure that the regulatory framework allows consumers to benefit from innovative offers, fair prices, transparent bills, and impartial dispute settlement mechanisms, as well as ensuring that their consumption data are protected and secure.