Since the launch of the “15 Pledges to Customers” in March 2020, electricity suppliers have stepped up their efforts to give consumers more choice, more control and a better user experience. Over 90 European electricity retailers pledged to empower their 200 million residential customers with new services and solutions that made their experience clearer, cleaner, and more affordable.

This year, Eurelectric and Accenture set out to evaluate the impact of this commitment on a sample of 2,000 consumers across 10 European countries. Tune in to learn about the progress the sector has made so far and how different actors in the new energy ecosystem can better engage customers in the energy transition.




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Key Graphs and Figures

Accenture’s study offers a clear snapshot of consumer perceptions and behaviours as they begin to actively engage in the energy transition. Learn more from our interactive graphs below

Changing consumer perceptions of energy services and solutions

Consumers were asked how they would rate changes to their Choice (new services and solutions), Control (affordability & inclusion), and Experience (simplicity and transparency). If you click to remove ‘About the same’ you’ll see that the majority of consumers that have engaged with new energy solutions have a positive response. 

  • More than a quarter of consumers reported more choice of services and solutions, and one in five felt more in control over energy usage and costs and found the experience simpler and more transparent.
  • The group of consumers that have seen positive change in choice, control and experience is three to four times larger than those that have seen a reduction in these areas.



Percentage of consumers satisfied by new services

An overwhelming majority of consumers that have tried their suppliers’ new products and services, from home generation installation to energy savings schemes, have found them useful.



What motivates supplier switching?


Click through supplier characteristics to see which ones are prioritised by different age groups.



Consumer uptake of domestic electric solutions


Click the categories to see how many consumers are starting to adopt electric solutions for heating and energy generation.


Interview with  Alain Taccoen

Following the study, Alain Taccoen, Chair of Eurelectric’s Customers & Retail Services Committee, spoke with Charlotte Renaud our Head of Markets & Customers. Watch to interview to hear him address:

  • How the Fit For 55 agenda will empower customers
  • What can be done to boost consumer awareness of new electric solutions
  • How our 15 policy recommendations will enable a consumer-driven transition

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