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Trino Vercellese energy pole on brownfield

About the case study

One of the way Enel applies its decarbonisation strategy is through enhancement of existing assets that are conceived as places where the technologies to facilitate the energy transition, in particular new renewable resources and storage systems, coexist with new business projects developed by third parties in different areas.
This approach reflects the attention that has always characterised our relationship with the various territories of our country. A relationship that has grown over time and strengthened thanks to the adoption of a sustainable development model based on the creation of shared value (Creating Shared Value - CSV).
An integrated masterplan has been conceived in Trino, including an innovative Logistics Hub managed by Enel, a photovoltaic project of 86 MW developed by Enel on an area formerly destinated to a power plant work-site area, and a third party automotive project, selected through a competitive call, will be realised alongside one of the largest Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) projects in Enel’s fleet – approximately 200 MW.
The Enel project is located in a brownfield area that will be restored through the PV plant and other measures such as the creation of new wetland, the improvement of the Ecology Corridor close to Bosco della Partecipanza, the rehabilitation of the abandoned Borgo Leri Cavour Village. During the authorisation process the layout was modified to preserve wetlands and to create a biodiversity buffer zone. Several authorities and other associations were involved in the process to select the best measures to enhance the surrounding area.

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