Power Facts


The Power Barometer brings together compelling evidence and data demonstrating our sector’s steady pathway to carbon neutrality. As we are marching towards a full decarbonisation, with ever greater volumes of renewables and a plummeting carbon intensity, we are convinced that we can serve Europe decrease its emissions drastically. Our visual power facts can now be downloaded using the button below.


#Power4climate is the latest advocacy campaign launched by the Electrification Alliance. It demonstrates that electrification has the potential to profoundly reshape Europe’s economy, revitalise its industry and ensure a clean and healthy environment for its citizens. Our visual data, presenting multiple benefits that stem from electrification can now be downloaded using the button below.


Decisive action on climate change is needed for a deep decarbonisation, and this requires a major shift to electricity in transport, buildings and industry in the EU. Decarbonisation pathways, analyses 3 electrification and decarbonisation scenarios, and presents the main enablers of carbon neutrality. The key findings and figures of our study can now be downloaded using the button below.


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Success stories

The European power sector is committed to lead the transition towards a fully sustainable European energy future, while delivering value to customers and to society as a whole. Our series of success stories show how our members and partners are transforming their business models and offers in order to support our joint cause: powering Europe with carbon neutral electricity by 2045.