Eurelectric manifesto 'Ahead of the curve - Investments in distribution grids are needed,now'

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Following up on our Connecting the Dots study, Eurelectric has published a short position paper on what it means to be ‘ahead of the curve’ and the need to ensure adequate investment in distribution grids to power the energy transition.

The increased ambitions outlined in the Fit-for-55% package again demonstrate the urgent need for cost-efficient investment so that Europe’s distribution grids can be fit for purpose in an increasingly decarbonised power system. The current model of grid investment, based on a short-term outlook and focused on cost savings, is running out of road.

In this position paper, therefore, we call on policymakers to acknowledge that, in the context of competitive decarbonisation in Europe, distribution grids are a no-regret investment for society. To make European grids fit for a decarbonised future, policymakers should work towards improving investment frameworks, facilitating distribution grid company access to EU funds, and accelerating the authorisation and permit-granting processes.

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