Feedback on the Gas Package

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  • Ambitious actions are needed to adapt the gas regulatory framework for the phase-out of fossil fuels and the changing role of the gas system. Over recent decades, affordable and accessible unabated natural gas has shaped the European gas market. Today, Europe is aiming to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as well as its dependency towards on imports.
  • In the future integrated energy system, gaseous and liquid fuels will complement electrification when the direct use of electricity is not feasible or not efficient. On the final demand side, direct electrification should be encouraged to sweep aside fossil fuel energy and reach carbon neutrality. On the supply side, all energy vectors should compete on a fair basis, framed by clear market rules, technology neutrality, EU climate objectives for decarbonisation and the energy efficiency first principle. Open competition, transparency, fair access and non-discrimination will ensure the best choices are made. 
  • Eurelectric supports an adaptation of the gas market regulatory framework in line with the objectives of the European Green Deal. The Gas Package must leverage the ambitious targets proposed by the Fit-for-55 Package, support the increased electrification of the economy and enable the accelerated deployment of renewable and low-carbon energy sources, in particular with a view to the envisaged phase-out of fossil fuel imports from Russia. 
  • The current gas network model should serve as a basis for hydrogen market design, while taking into account the uncertainties regarding the development of the hydrogen network and the national specificities. Implementing a coherent regulatory framework for the hydrogen market should help Europe reach the objectives set by the European Commission and reduce the cost of producing clean hydrogen, especially from electrolysis which should become the dominant source of hydrogen supply. 
  • Investment decisions from market players and network operators should be guided by coherent network development plans. A coordinated, cost-effective and future-proof approach to infrastructure requirements and investments is needed to avoid investment in assets that do not contribute to a cost and energy efficient decarbonisation path.
  • Gas customers’ protection and empowerment rules should mirror the provisions for electricity consumers as conferred by the Clean Energy Package and be adjusted appropriately to the specific terms for gas market actors.

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