IndustriALL-EPSU-Eurelectric Joint Statement on Just Transition

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  1. The energy transition is underway
  2. The European social partners of the electricity sector recall and confirm the principles contained in the 2017 Joint Statement on Just and Clean Transition
  3. A Just Transition needs adequate financing and improved permitting procedures
  4. A Just Transition needs coherent social policies to ensure that no one is left behind
  5. The energy transition needs a highly skilled and competent workforce
  6. A Just Transition needs collective bargaining and the full involvement of social partners
  7. The European social partners call on EU institutions call in EU institutions and Member States for:

    • Coherent and concrete Just Transition frameworks
    • A European Observatory of the Just Transition
    • A European strategy for the electricity sector and the transition of its workforce
    • Concrete monitoring of European devices and national plans
    • A European framework on the anticipation and management of change
    • Requirement for countries to implement inclusive governance and participatory mechanisms, social dialogue and full transparency of transition planning.
    • Investment and clear European and national guidelines for the adaptation of workplaces to climate change.
    • Speed up new power generation projects, from investment decision to final implementation, preserving a democratic debate.
    • The transition resulting from decarbonisation and digitalisation involves the development of new business models. This means continuous changes in terms of job profiles and the need to offer employees continuous training and lifelong learning to maintain a qualified workforce.
      The anticipation of skill needs and to provide workers with a skills up-date
  8. The European Social Partners commit to:

    • Promote social dialogue and collective bargaining, at all levels
    • Discuss and promote good practice cases of Just Energy Transition and its evolution.
    • Support the anticipation of skills and the need to provide workers with a skills up-date
      Support and promote reskilling and upskilling through continuous professional development and life-long learning with real certification for new, green jobs that is valid across Europe.

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