Joint EY & Eurelectric report: Six essentials for e-mobility

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Disruptive geopolitics —notably, the war in Ukraine, along with economic headwinds, supply chain disturbances, and climate and regulatory uncertainty —are frustrating efforts to curb greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector.

Together, they highlight the fragile but interdependent relationships between six essential components of the e-mobilityvalue chain: a resilient supply chain, clean and green power, accessible charging infrastructure, a smart grid, digitalisation and skilled labour.
At the same time, the EV industry is nearing an inflection point. Globally, EV sales doubled in 2021 and jumped 55% in 2022 to account for 13% of all vehicles sales. This trend looks set to continue, making mass-market adoption imminent. It will bring with it irreversible transformation in road transport. But, if the rest of the ecosystem is neither ready nor sufficiently scaled, EV adoption could stutter and fail.

This study examines the role and interaction of these six essentials and explores the need for a collaborative and coordinated response from ecosystem players in pursuit of decarbonisation goals. It is informed by experts at the European energy industry body Eurelectric and its members. It is curated and augmented by EY professionals with extensive experience in energy, automotive, government and technology. It includes experiences and insights from global industry leaders in the ecosystem of supporting businesses, including automotive, utilities, fleet management, city planning and charging infrastructure, as well as experts from industry bodies and trade associations. We thank them for sharing their experiences and opinions so openly with us.

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