Response to EC Consultation on the European Single Access Point initiative

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  • In general, Eurelectric supports the Commission’s plans to establish a common EU access point for corporate data through the European Single Access Point We believe that it can positively contribute to the capital markets union and to the European Green Deal by increasing cross-border investment opportunities and by facilitating the access to sustainability information. However, it should not result in any additive administrative burdens for companies.
  • Regarding more specifically the draft regulation proposed by the European Commission last November, we express our overall satisfaction. However, we would like to highlight the following priorities which, we believe, should be taken into consideration for future changes (you will find more details in the section below):
    • Including both the information-providers and the information-users in the design and in the daily-management of the platform;
    • Avoiding as much as possible redundancy between reporting obligations for economic actors;
    • Keeping the platform free-of-charge for information-issuers;
    • Allowing for a gradual implementation of the new platform;
    • Ensuring consistency with international and European standards.

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