Response to NEMOs consultation on Harmonization of Minimum and Maximum Clearing Prices for SDAC and for SIDC

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The methodologies in accordance with Art. 41(2) and Art. 54 (2) of CACM determining the harmonized minimum and maximum clearing prices (HMMCP) to be applied in all bidding zones for single day-ahead coupling and for single intraday coupling respectively, were last approved by ACER on 14 November 2017. There have been no amendments to the two methodologies since as no need to amend has been identified in previous review. This is a joint consultation from all NEMOs.

According to Article 4 (3) for both the HMMCP methodologies respectively, ‘the NEMOs shall, at least every two years, reassess the HMMCP, share this assessment with all market participants and consult it in the relevant stakeholder forums organized in accordance with Article 11 of the CACM Regulation.’

The harmonized maximum clearing price for SDAC was raised by 1000 EUR/MWh up to 4000 EUR/MWh as the relevant threshold was recently reached in one bidding zone. Indeed, the current market situation calls for a more thorough review of the methodology. Some market participants already expressed some ideas on maximum and minimum prices for SDAC and SIDC.

The implementation of Intraday Auctions (IDAs) also requires to introduce a definition of HMMCP for IDAs into the HMMCP methodology for SIDC.

Out of scope of the consultation

  • the principle that maximum and minimum clearing prices remain harmonized in all bidding zones
  • the principle that a dynamic increase of the maximum and minimum clearing prices shall be in place

What happens next

During the months of June and July, the responses will be reviewed and in accordance with Article 12.3 of CACM GL duly considered in the process of revising and proposing amendments to the HMMCP methodologies before sent to ACER for review and approval. Audience Market participants, TSOs and NRAs Interests CACM GL related to SDAC and SIDC

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