Investing in a better world - Stories and examples from our members

European electricity suppliers are committed to accompany citizens in the energy transition.

They are developing a range of solutions to make sure that everyone can benefit from carbon neutral electric solutions and to facilitate the adoption of electro-mobility, energy efficiency services and renewable generation. Check out some examples of innovative services from European companies.


Hiven, a Fortum owned smart energy management venture
The Flexibility Project
Photovoltaic systems for #Home, Turn-key and carefree
Electric Ireland Superhomes
EDF Crowdfunding
Harmon'Yeu, 2 years after the beginning of the experimentation, the positive results are confirmed. ENGIE now wishes to support the development of energy communities.


Solar communities
Energy sharing solution for an agricultural energy community in Sicily
Supply contract for customers with severe disabilities.
CU Greener Homes
E.ON Smart Control

Customer Experience

Omatuuli, own a share of Wind power turbine production by Helen Ltd.
CEZ Tengeo Powerheat+: Integrated system for Smart Home Management
Enel X Store
Digital simulation tool for solar PV
Business model "Utility and car sharing company"


Smart Mobility
Juice Pass -  EV Charging app
Edison Plug and go
Electric Nation – EV Drivers and Smart Charging
EDP EV.X app

Renewables/Demand response

CEZ Tengeo
Helen – PV panels
Energie AG - Smart flex
CEZ - Photovoltaics

Energy efficiency

Engie UP
Edison Energy control
Enel X - Homix
EDF & moi app
Iberdrola Smart home
EDF E.quilibre / Home appliances