Investing in a better world - Stories and examples from our members

European electricity suppliers are committed to accompany citizens in the energy transition.

They are developing a range of solutions to make sure that everyone can benefit from carbon neutral electric solutions and to facilitate the adoption of electro-mobility, energy efficiency services and renewable generation. Check out some examples of innovative services from European companies.

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Smart Mobility
Juice Pass -  EV Charging app
EDP EV.X app
Edison Plug and go
Electric Nation – EV Drivers and Smart Charging

Renewables/Demand response

CEZ Tengeo
Helen – PV panels
Energie AG - Smart flex
CEZ - Photovoltaics

Energy efficiency

Iberdrola Smart home
Engie UP
EDF & moi app
Enel X - Homix
Edison Energy control
EDF E.quilibre / Home appliances