Business model "Utility and car sharing company"

As a socially responsible company, EVN Bulgaria supports eco-friendly projects and cleaner air. That is why the company has developed our Electric Mobility Project. By implementing this project, EVN and our partner Spark, have made a step in the right direction - improving people's quality of life by reducing toxic emissions.

Source: EVN Bulgaria Customer Experience

EVN Bulgaria believes in the development of the electric car sector. This is why, through the Electric Mobility Project, the company has become a charge point operator and e-mobility service provider.  The company has three publicly charging stations in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, and intends to set up a further 10 charging stations. All providing customers with 100% green energy.

To stimulate the use of electric vehicles in Plovdiv, EVN Bulgaria has built a strategic partnership with SPARK, an electric car rental service, to promote zero-emission transportation solutions.

This partnership improves the customer’s energy experience through simplicity and transparency, with solutions tailored to their different needs. The benefits include:

  • Charging of SPARK cars shall take pace with cards provided by EVN or via the mobile app EVN2GO with SPARKS’s company profile
  • Each EVN station has at least one installed charging cable type 2
  • A free place at each of the charging stations can be booked in advance for a period of 15 minutes through EVN2GO
  • Excellence in service, both through the professionalism of its teams and through interactive customer support systems and a qualified service network
  • Help to navigate products with clear, transparent and consistent information on offers, contracts and bills.
  • The best data protection practices.


The investment started with 3 public charging stations and 20 vehicles in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria and aims to soon reach 14 charging stations and 60 vehicles. The investment in re-charging infrastructure and software development will reach 125 000 EUR.

“It is always encouraging to see companies from the utility sectors involved in building charging infrastructure, because citizens need to see that electric mobility is something that is happening now, not in the future.“
Petar Georgiev, Head of Strategy & Partnerships at Ampeco

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