EDF Crowdfunding

The crowdfunding operations initiated by the EDF Group to finance solar and wind energy projects in France have raised more than €7 million. This participative financing has been collected since 2015 thanks to the investment of 3,700 citizens in some thirty renewable energy projects. This innovative method of financing is an essential lever to meet the growing demand from individuals to get involved in the realisation of renewable energy projects near their homes.

Source: EDF Choice

Aware of the expectations of French citizens, in July 2021 EDF launched  www.crowdfunding-edf.fr, its portal dedicated to participative investments by individuals in projects related to the energy transition.

With this new portal, individuals will be able to view crowdfunding projects supported by the EDF Group (except for Enedis and RTE) and be redirected to the website of the project’s crowdfunding operator. The site currently refers to solar and wind power projects but will soon include other projects that contribute in different ways to the energy transition, for example in the field of electric mobility or home comfort.

EDF is thus extending its co-innovation actions. Indeed, this portal is an extension of the EDF Pulse & You site (www.edfpulseandyou.fr), EDF's co-innovation platform with the French public, which allows them to contribute innovative ideas to the EDF Group or start-ups. EDF Pulse & You has become one of France's leading co-innovation platforms with over 90 successful projects and more than 9,000 active participants. Ideas posted on EDF Pulse & You, pushed by Internet users, could in the future be transformed into projects that can be financed through participative investments.

Video: https://we.tl/t-rUQ5IXIL0f