Energy sharing solution for an agricultural energy community in Sicily

Agricultural energy community that leads the development of energy sharing by means of a 200 kW solar PV plant that will produce more than 300 MWh per year. Enel X will provide technical and economic support for the community to install and manage the site itself by means of a digital platform and the know-how of its experts.

Source: Enel X Control

This project, launched in June 2021, constitutes the first Italian agricultural energy community.  It involves a group of Ragusan companies led by the La Mediterranea Consortium, with the technical support of Enel X and the financial support of the Banca Agricola Popolare di Ragusa.

The project comprises a 200kW photovoltaic system, which will produce more than 300 MWh per year to be shared by the registered companies, and Enel X’s digital platform for the multi-year management of the community. It will  prevent the release into the atmosphere of 121 tons of CO2 per year.

The energy community, made up of several companies that cover  60 hectares of land, will thus be able to share the production of the solar photovoltaic system, reducing their overall energy costs by means of remuneration on the energy shared (currently  about 169 €/MWh).

Enel X will also guarantee the technical-economic management of the community by providing  a digital platform and innovative technologies, with the aim of ensuring real-time monitoring of the system  , identifying  solutions to improve efficiency,  and encouraging members to electrify their consumption, making them increasingly sustainable.

"With this initiative we are launching the first energy community open to SMEs in the agricultural sector, which will set an example for similar initiatives to be implemented in the rest of the country,” said Augusto Raggi, Head of Enel X Italia. "With this project, Enel X confirms its commitment to actively support the energy transition of companies and their sustainability. Enel X provides a range of cutting-edge technological services and digital infrastructures in order to make energy communities an efficient and sustainable ecosystem, especially for the strategic Agriculture sector, which until now had never experienced such a model."