Harmon'Yeu, 2 years after the beginning of the experimentation, the positive results are confirmed. ENGIE now wishes to support the development of energy communities.

Harmon'Yeu encourages citizens and local actors to consume less and better. The Harmon'Yeu project is an experimental collective self-consumption project designed by ENGIE, in partnership with the Ile d'Yeu town hall, three local institutions and thanks to the will of its inhabitants. Collective self-consumption allows a group of consumers and producers of electricity to share the energy produced locally thanks to photovoltaic panels installed nearby. In the Ker Pissot neighborhood on the island of Yeu, 23 individual houses (8 of which belong to a local social landlord) share the electricity produced by the solar panels installed on the roofs of 5 of them for a total installed capacity of 23.7 kWp. A real energy community! The Harmon'Yeu project is fully in line with the energy transition, through the development of low-carbon and local renewable energies, while allowing the citizens involved in the process to make savings on their electricity bill.

Source: Engie Choice

The promises of collective self-consumption :

- Act for the good of the planet: By supporting the development of renewable energies and their local use

- Save money on your bill: The solar energy consumed by the community is less expensive

- Live a collective experience: By belonging to a local community of actors of the energy transition


Results - Harmon 'Yeu 2 years already :

It has been 2 years since the experimentation was launched and the results are very positive:

- 96% self-consumption 

- 19 % of autonomy 


Verbatim - Change in consumption habits :

Jacky, producer: "It has completely changed our consumption habits. We often put the dishwasher or the washing machine on at noon or in the afternoon instead of at night. We try to adjust our appliances to what we think is the peak production (for example the water heater). I should point out that I am an electrician!”


Sponsors of the Harmon'Yeu project :

Experimentation conceived and developed by ENGIE with as partners the research laboratories of the ENGIE group: CRIGEN and ENGIE Laborelec.

ENGIE could also count on a strong territorial support brought by the Town hall of the Island of Yeu, the association Elise, Vendée Habitat and the SYDEV (Syndicat d'énergie de la Vendée).


ENGIE's ambitions to go further: developing energy communities

ENGIE sees the energy communities as a future solution for the energy transition. Following the success of Harmon'Yeu, ENGIE now wishes to duplicate the model elsewhere in France. In order to allow this large-scale development, ENGIE wishes to provide a personalized support covering the whole value chain to all the actors wishing to set up collective self-consumption projects.