HOMIX is Enel X's solution to help any family in Europe make their home a smart home and become an active part of the energy transition. Evolving from the features of an intelligent thermostat, HOMIX is a complete and modular smart home ecosystem, able to learn from daily routines for managing temperatures, security, and lighting.

Source: Enel X Customer Experience

Smart Home technology accelerates decarbonisation by spreading digital solutions that usher in an efficient, decentralised and sustainable way of using energy.

Until now, this revolution in European homes has often been hampered by usability and cost. HOMIX has the ambition to overcome these obstacles and has been developed to remove market frictions and accelerate mass adoption.

Faithful to its consumer-centric approach, Enel X has built HOMIX as an affordable and modular product suitable to the different needs and expectations of each family member. 

HOMIX delivers innovation:

  • It is Europe’s first Smart Thermostat with built-in Alexa, allowing all family members to directly interact with it with their voice
  • it uses artificial intelligence to learn from family routines and manage their home according to their needs and lifestyle
  • it offers countless smart home features (such as home security or lighting management), as it’s also a Smart Home gateway, able to connect and control a growing ecosystem of devices and appliances
  • it allows the customer to customise their own Smart Home at an affordable price
  • it allows the customer to keep their home with them, as they control everything through the HOMIX app

HOMIX is also continuously offering new products and functionalities. The latest entries include:

  • HOMIX Smart Protection, the first on-demand and pay-per-use home insurance that protects the home against theft. It can be activated at the same time as purchasing the Multi-sensor from the HOMIX range. The product combines smart home services with the latest generation of insurance services.

HOMIX Smart Modem, a device that makes smart home technology even more accessible, combining an Internet connection and smart home functionalities in a single device.

"Enel X's goal is to offer products and services that can improve users’ lives and protect the environment through simple solutions that are accessible to all. Based on this principle, we offer a complete smart home system that allows customers to maximise the comfort of their home while saving energy and money”.

Andrea Scognamiglio, Head of the Home Services division at Enel X