Juice Pass - EV Charging app

Do you want to easily access a network of over 6,100 public charging points across 18 European countries?

Source: Enel X E-mobility
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Electrification will reshape the global automotive market over the next decade. Enel X is developing a full blast portfolio of smart, simple and innovative solutions for electric vehicles recharging. These include products and services for every type of customer who wants to join the e-mobility revolution.

JuicePass will allow Enel X customers to charge at home & the office and access a network of over 110,000 public charging points across 18 European countries.

The functionalities offered by JuicePass include:

  • Radar: a daily push notification informing EV drivers when a new charging point is activated within a 100 km radius from a selected location;
  • Rating: customers can now rate their charging experience after “filling up”;
  • Charging session performance: customers can monitor charging performance real-time with a detailed view of charging speed over the whole session.

With JuicePass, EV-driving customers can activate their profiles, reserve charging points, manage and pay for charging services.

“Through our app, charging becomes a seamless and fully digital experience, as users can access stations, charge and pay, all through JuicePass. Looking ahead, we will continue working on the improvement of customer experience, including through further digitalisation and integration of charging networks. These are key to speeding up the global development of electric mobility.”

Alberto Piglia, Head of e-Mobility at Enel X.

More: https://www.enelx.com/it/en/electric-mobility/products