As a part of its Electric Mobility Plan, EDF has created DREEV in February 2019 to develop and commercialize Smart charging & “Vehicle to Grid” (V2G) offers...

Source: EDF Electrification Alliance

As a part of its Electric Mobility Plan, EDF has created DREEV in February 2019 to develop and commercialize Smart charging & “Vehicle to Grid” (V2G) offers. DREEV is a joint venture with NUVVE, which technology has already been successfully rolled out in the Nordics and the US. V2G technology consists in using the batteries of the electrical vehicles as resources for the power system, while matching at any time the mobility needs as defined by the drivers. With that technology, owner of the vehicle earns money when he doesn’t use it and participate to energy transition in helping the integration of renewable energy’s.

DREEV is a 14 people company, with a team in France and a team in the UK. DREEV is largely supported by EDF (including EDF R&D, and subsidiaries as IZIVIA) and NUVVE. In total, around 25 FTO are dedicated to this project. It combines the expertise acquired by NUVVE in Vehicle To Grid these ten last years (NUVVE is considered as the world leader of this technology) with the knowledge of EDF in energy optimization, storage, charging stations operation, etc…

We began to develop few dozens of V2G chargers with compatible vehicles since the Spring. We address this solution right now to companies electrifying their service fleet. Most of the time their vehicles are parked, for example during the night or the weekend. Now when they do not use their vehicle… they get paid, reducing the Total Cost of Ownership of their electric vehicles. The objectives for 2019 are some hundreds of V2G chargers, given that 100 DREEV V2G chargers and vehicles represent 1MW of flexibility. The goal is to have a real virtual power plant made of thousands of electric vehicles to participate to any kind of energy and balancing markets in Europe. There is still a lot to be done because regulation does not allow this new assets to be fully valuated, but the potential for low-cost storage is so great that it would be sad not to get into it and make everyone benefit from it!

Hervé Rivoalen: "Rapidly deploying C02-free mobility solutions is a key issue for customers who have to deliver daily in major cities. By offering V2G technologies to our customers, especially to customers with a fleet of vehicles, we will help them to reduce the Total Cost of Ownership. It will help customers to take the decision to switch from internal combustion engine to electric vehicle. "

Yannick Duport, the EDF Group’s Electric Mobility Director, said: “Within the context of its Electric Mobility Plan, the EDF Group is making “smart charging” one of its main priorities for development in Europe. We are convinced that the development of electric vehicles requires innovative solutions. V2G is a winner three times over: economical for the customer, low carbon for the planet and excellent for the grid. For EDF, electric mobility is everywhere and for everyone.”

Eric Mevellec, DREEV’s Managing Director, said: “The first commercial products are a start, and illustrate our desire to roll out several hundred terminals, starting this year. We are drawing on a tried and tested technical solution, and we now need to remove the obstacles to rolling it out commercially.”


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