A Brexit deal is paramount for energy and climate

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The European electricity sector strongly urges politicians and negotiators to agree on a pragmatic and constructive way forward in handling the UK exit from the EU.

That is the message that Eurelectric communicated in a letter addressed to the UK and EU negotiators ahead of the Council taking place this Wednesday.

“It is time for politicians to put pragmatism over pride and posturing! Businesses and consumers on both sides of the Channel need a workable Brexit deal”, said Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric.

A ‘no deal’ scenario would come with very tangible negative impacts in the climate and energy sphere for both UK and the EU27. Eurelectric therefore calls upon negotiators to:

  • Keep the collective climate ambitions high for a sustainable long-term development;
  • Provide clarity on commodity trade regulations (e.g. for carbon, power or gas) to maintain a robust EU ETS system;
  • Enable cross-border sharing of resources and capacities to integrate renewables and reduce electricity costs;
  • Ensure the continuation of the ‘Integrated Single Electricity Market’ between Ireland & Northern Ireland to guarantee security of supply.