Climate change is a major global threat which requires urgent action at the international level. The power sector has a big responsibility to ensure that electricity is an important part of the solution. Decarbonisation is essential to guarantee the long-term sustainability of the global economy, and we are committed to leading this transition.

Eurelectric strongly welcomed the Paris agreement as a major landmark in addressing the global climate change challenge. It provides governments, businesses and the general public a clear signal that the international community is committed to fight climate change and to irreversibly transition to a low-carbon world. To achieve this goal, our members are committed to achieving a carbon-neutral electricity mix in Europe well before mid-century and to ensuring a competitively priced, reliable electricity supply throughout the integrated European energy market. This is why Eurelectric supports EU efforts to move towards a low-carbon economy at the European level in a way that is not only environmentally, but also economically, sustainable. It is essential for the EU climate change policy to support competitiveness by promoting reductions of greenhouse gas emissions in a cost-effective manner. The EU ETS is the key instrument to deliver the EU’s greenhouse gas emission reductions target. 

But decarbonising electricity has immense value also beyond the power sector itself. Increasingly clean and climate-friendly electricity can help the EU in achieving its climate and energy commitments in energy using sectors, which cannot decarbonise on their own, but which also need to decrease their emissions to achieve the Paris agreement. Investing in clean power generation and transition-enabling solutions facilitates cost-effective decarbonisation whilst contributing to sustainable development of the EU economy with competitively priced clean electricity.