Key Publications

Electric Decade: challenges & opportunities
Electric Decade: policy actions & recommendations
Presidency Manifesto 2021 - Making the Green Deal a reality with electrification
Accelerating fleet electrification in Europe: When does reinventing the wheel make perfect sense?
Annual Report 2020
Connecting the dots: Distribution grid investment to power the energy transition
Distribution Grids in Europe - Facts and Figures 2020
Guide on EU financing and funding instruments for DSO projects
AI Insights - The Power Sector in a Post-Digital Age (Digital Report)
Charge! - Deploying secure & flexible energy storage
Power Barometer 2020
Ports: Green gateways to Europe
E-quality: Shaping an inclusive energy transition
15 pledges to customers: Together for a sustainable, inclusive and smart energy future
Eurelectric Annual Report 2019
E-invest - The power sector investment challenge: 100 Billion per year and counting
Net Zero by 2050: Key Enablers
Decarbonisation Pathways
Vision of the European Electricity Industry