Power Distribution


Forming the backbone of the electricity network, distribution system operators (DSOs) carry electricity from Europe’s electricity highways directly to European households and industry. Their task is not an easy one.

With the energy transition in full swing, it is the neutral, market-facilitating distribution network which offers a platform where new forces in Europe’s energy system interact. The decarbonisation of the energy system requires an ever-increasing amount of renewables generation to be absorbed and traded across networks. The roll-out of electric vehicles also has a direct impact on the integrity of local grids and DSOs are developing solutions to facilitate the shift towards electro-mobility across Europe. In parallel, DSOs are also investing to upgrade their networks and make them fit for the challenges of the 21st century. New technologies like smart metering are being rolled out to customers across Europe, improving the accuracy of electricity bills and allowing DSOs to operate their networks more efficiently. At the same time, European DSOs need to develop strategies and capabilities to guard their networks against cyberattacks.

At Eurelectric, we also ensure that DSOs’ views are respected during the drafting and implementation of the new set of universal network rules in Europe: the network codes. Our key task is to advocate on behalf of European DSOs and their customers who rightfully expect to receive a safe, secure, and reliable supply of electricity.