Leading the Charge: BBC StoryWorks preparing mini-documentaries for Eurelectric’s Power Summit

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Eurelectric is proud to announce that BBC StoryWorks is preparing a series of mini-documentaries on electrification.

Leading the Charge, a series of mini-documentaries realised by BBC in view of Eurelectric’s Power Summit 2019, will illustrate the benefits of increased electrification for Europe and further demonstrate the reality of our sector's commitment to decarbonise and lead the energy transition.

Each documentary will zoom in on concrete electrification projects and realisations of partner companies, associated to the programme. Those companies will have the opportunity to showcase their strategic projects through interviews, on-site video shootings and more. The final programme will be unveiled on the occasion of Eurelectric’s Power Summit on 20-21 May.

“Electricity is the lifeblood of the energy transition. We are delighted to be commissioning BBC to tell the story about electricity and the benefits it can bring to citizens and society” - Kristian Ruby.

If you would like to know more on the programme, please check the teaser here below and read the BBC announcement.

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