Generation and grid projects slowed down by lengthy permitting processes

News Article

In a recent statement, Eurelectric calls on policy makers to address the lengthy permitting processes that are hampering the deployment of new power generation capacity and electric grids. A survey conducted across the European utilities reveals significant delays triggered by the processes, their impact on the development of new installations, as well as the additional cost supported by developers.

Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric said:  

“To deliver on our climate ambitions, the granting of permits for electrical installations across the board must be revolutionised. Only if policymakers take decisive and immediate steps to ease the job of developers will we be able to increase the deployment pace to the levels needed in order to achieve a carbon neutral energy system.”

A sharp increase in the deployment of solar capacity (2.9 times) and wind capacity (1.9 times) is needed by 2030. A stable and transparent framework, with simpler permitting rules will be key for powering Europe with carbon-free electricity.


The full statement is now available here.