The recipe for a successful Climate Pact

News Article

Today, Eurelectric joins forces with cities’ and regions’ associations, educational and research institutions and civil society organisations, in a call for the Commission to empower citizens and trigger public and private partnerships in the Climate Pact.

The European Climate Pact offers the best opportunity to strengthen the collaboration between key actors – local authorities, private sector, knowledge providers, citizens – and succeed in the green transition.

The electricity sector is committed to contribute to EU-wide decarbonisation efforts through energy efficiency measures and electrification, coupled with carbon neutral power. But fostering citizens’ engagement and incentivising indepth behavioural changes are now paramount for achieving a truly sustainable society.

Therefore, Eurelectric, Eurocities, ERRIN, ICLEI, Energy Cities, EARLALL and EfVET, call on the relevant European institutions to make the Climate Pact successful by:

  1. Supporting local energy alliances of public and private actors, encouraging the sharing of best practices, and incentivising the co-creation of climate-friendly solutions.
  2. Providing local and regional authorities with the right resources to enable the coordination of joint initiatives that will play a key role in the energy transition.
  3. Having a transparent and accessible design, which allows for awareness-raising on energy efficiency, climate, and environmental actions, and ensures that everyone can find the relevant information to engage in sustainable projects.
  4. Acting as a catalyst for existing European climate and energy policies, and only promoting actions, strategies and projects that are compatible with the climate objectives defined in the European Green Deal and the European Climate Law.

The undersigned associations, represent more than 2,000 local and regional authorities and elected governments, over 3,500 electricity companies, as well as hundreds of universities, civil society organisations and educational and research institutions, all supportive of a net-zero emission EU economy by 2050. 

For more information, read Eurelectric's position paper "Fully-fledged actions by the EU power sector to empower citizens in the Climate Plact".