Joint statement on the Fit For 55 Package - key DSO provisions

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The Fit for 55 package (FF55) is a cornerstone element for the success of the EU’s transition to climate neutrality by 2050. Its main goal should be to establish a robust regulatory framework which builds on the potential of all possible sides to contribute to the energy transition to the best of their abilities.

Distribution System Operators (DSOs) are the key enablers of the energy transition fostering the integration of renewable energy sources and flexibility services, the deployment of energy efficient solutions and the empowerment of customers. While the FF55 recognizes the role of DSOs, it should do more to equip them with the necessary instruments to facilitate the transition to a decentralized, integrated, and efficient energy system.

In view of this, the European Association of Distribution System Operators (E.DSO), Eurelectric and GEODE offer their joint position on three of the legislative proposals which are most relevant to electricity distribution networks:

  • The Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) introduces a new approach to the energy efficiency of distribution networks and sets a structure for the deployment of energy efficient solutions at both grid and customer level.
  • The Renewable Energy Directive (RED) improves the framework for the integration of renewable energy sources and flexibility services at distribution level towards an integrated and decentralized energy system.
  • The Regulation for the Deployment of Alternative Fuels Infrastructure (AFIR) sets mandatory infrastructure targets for the electric vehicle (EV) fleet which will be primarily connected at distribution level.

This joint position spells out in detail how the three files can be improved to allow DSOs to better contribute to the energy transition by empowering customers and facilitating the uptake of renewable sources, flexibility services, e-mobility, and efficiency solutions.

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