About Eurelectric

Eurelectric is the federation for the European electricity industry. We represent the power sector in over 32 European countries, speaking for more than 3,500 companies in power generation, distribution and supply.

We contribute to the competitiveness of our industry, provide effective representation in public affairs and promote the role electricity in addressing the challenges of sustainable development.

We draw on more than 1000 industry experts to ensure that our policy positions and opinions reflect the most recent developments in the sector. This structure of expertise ensures that Eurelectric’s publications are based on high-quality input with up-to-date information.

We currently have over 34 full members, representing the electricity industry in 32 European countries.






  1. Gold for "Best Communications Campaign" at the Best Membership Campaign 2020 for his electrification campaign “itsElectric”.

  2. Bronze for "Association Leadership" at the European Association Awards 2019. Eurelectric received the bronze award for its leadership in driving the decarbonisation agenda.

  3. Silver for "Best Communications Campaign" at the European Association Awards 2018 for his electrification campaign “itsElectric”.

Our mission and objectives

Eurelectric's mission is to contribute to the development and competitiveness of the electricity industry, to provide effective representation for the industry in public affairs and to promote the role of a low-carbon electricity mix in the advancement of society. In this regard, Eurelectric’s main objectives are:

  • Achieving a carbon-neutral electricity mix in Europe well before mid-century
  • Ensuring a cost-efficient, reliable supply through an integrated market
  • Developing energy efficiency and the electrification of the demand-side to mitigate climate change.

Our priorities

Eurelectric’s priorities for the coming years will be guided by a new long-term Vision for the European Electricity Industry, which was adopted in December 2017. In this Vision, our sector commits to playing a key role to enable and sustain:

  • A vibrant, competitive European economy, reliably powered by clean, carbon-neutral energy
  • A smart, energy efficient and truly sustainable society for all citizens of Europe. 

The Vision includes a clear commitment to invest in clean power generation and transition-enabling solutions, to reduce emissions and actively pursue efforts to become carbon-neutral well before mid-century.

To read more about our Vision, please click here.

Our values

Eurelectric pursues in all its activities the application of the following sustainable development values:

  • Economic development: growth, added-value, efficiency
  • Environmental leadership: commitment, innovation, pro-activeness
  • Social responsibility: transparency, ethics, accountability.

In application of these values, all Eurelectric publications and positions, as well as an overview of key meetings with high-level EU officials, are available on the website. Eurelectric is also a signatory to the EU Transparency Register.

Our work

Eurelectric’s work covers all major issues affecting our sector, from markets to energy policy, environment & sustainable development, retail customers, networks and many other energy related topics. Our members meet regularly to discuss specific issues related to these topics and identify, through thorough and specialised research into the marketplace, technologies and legislation, the common interests of our industry. On this basis, they contribute towards the preparation of policy papers, reports and political statements. Eurelectric then promotes the views of our industry at European level and effectively engage in policy debates with EU officials and other energy stakeholders.

Our activities also include the organisation of conferences and events, contributions to press articles and the collection of sector statistics.

To learn more about our work, take a look at our latest annual report.