Design the Electricity Market(s) of the Future 2017-06-07

Design the electricity market(s) of the future

Residence Palace

How will the European electricity market develop and function in the future? This is a key question for all stakeholders of the European energy system: energy companies, consumers, policy makers, academics and energy regulators.

The European energy system is facing profound changes whilst it transitions to a decarbonised power system and it leaves behind its heritage of large-scale fossil-fuelled generation units and passive consumers.

Nowadays stakeholders are confronted with the deployment of decentralised renewable generation which progressively reduces the sector’s carbon footprint, and the empowering of the energy customer through demand response and storage solutions.

The structure of the electricity market will not only have to adapt to these changes but try to anticipate them and be prepared to conceive and adopt innovative business models.

EURELECTRIC in partnership with The Florence School of Regulation is seeking to open the debate and gather innovative visions for the functioning of a decarbonised electricity market.

Following our call for contributions, we invited you to save in your agenda the date of 7 June 2017. After a plenary session, the best contributors were invited to present their work in interactive workshops organised by theme. The main points of the discussions then were summed up after lunch by experts of the industry and the institutions.

For more information on the project, please visit the dedicated website here.

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