Green Light for RES? Innovative Solutions to switch off the Red Light on the European Distribution Grid

EURELECTRIC Meeting Centre (6th floor)

The growth of renewables represents a huge challenge for the development and operation of power distribution grids in Europe. Some of them are already feeling the strain today - and this situation will only intensify in the coming years, as ever more renewables are connected to distribution networks. How can distribution system operators (DSOs) rise to the challenge of integrating renewables into the system while maintaining a secure electricity supply for their customers?

This EURELECTRIC event introduced Active System Management (ASM) as a key tool to meet the renewable energy challenge. ASM allows DSOs to pro-actively manage their system through smart grid technologies that ensure cost-efficient system development for the benefit of consumers and society as a whole. Flexibility on both the demand and the supply side are among the solutions that open up opportunities for managing and using electricity more efficiently amid continued high quality of service. Distribution network planning, connection and operation will evolve and DSOs will increasingly act as active distribution system managers.

This event allowed industry and policymakers to discuss experiences of integrating renewable generation and distributed energy resources within distribution networks. Participants also considered solutions to technical, commercial and regulatory issues related to distributed energy resources.

This event was supported by CIRED.