Companies break barriers to engage over 200 million customers in the energy transition

Press Release

Climate action is a team game requiring a close cooperation between industries, public authorities and citizens. But until now, the potential of electricity consumers in the energy transition has been largely untapped. Often households are still unaware or uncertain about the benefits of the transition for their budget, comfort, or the environment. Today, 92 European electricity suppliers pledge to empower their over 200 million residential customers with new user-friendly services and electric solutions that make their experience affordable, transparent and simple.

Whereas 92% of EU citizens support EU’s carbon neutrality target by 2050, only one-third believe they are personally responsible for tackling climate change[1]. The reality is however straightforward: without their active involvement, the energy transition is seriously at risk. What holds them back?

Eurelectric and Accenture, in a new study launched today: “Seeking shared success: Empowering consumers in the energy transition“, identify four barriers that hamper consumer engagement in the energy transition:

  • a general lack of awareness regarding customers’ potential,
  • insufficient information on the real costs and benefits of low-carbon solutions,
  • difficulties in accessing finance for energy efficiency investments or renewable energy systems,
  • concerns about data use and privacy.

Electricity suppliers pledge to break these barriers by taking initiative on 15 concrete actions to help customers benefit from energy efficiency, electric mobility and small-scale renewables. They commit to further empower customers and provide them with transparent, simple and affordable solutions.

The 92 signatories pledge inter alia to provide personalised advice to help customers manage their energy consumption, offer them transparent information on costs, benefits and payback of available technologies, offer user-friendly products, ensure data protection and partner with public authorities to support vulnerable customers.

Various companies develop solutions at the crossroads between digitalisation and electrification. Among others, they offer customers’ user-friendly apps to assess what their daily life would be like with an electric vehicle and whether it is the right choice for them. They also offer solutions to reserve public charging points across 18 countries at the click of a button.

Echoing the pledge to customers, Kristian Ruby, Secretary General of Eurelectric, said:


Engaging the customers is critical for the energy transition. Many people are still reluctant to embrace electric mobility or systems that increase their comfort at home while helping control their energy consumption. We mean to partner up and provide services that empower customers. And show that the transition means a very tangible improvement to the quality of life.


Background information: "Seeking shared success: Empowering consumers in the energy transition” describes the outcomes of an interactive and unique consultation process gathering insights into barriers, opportunities and solutions for consumer involvement in three focus areas: energy efficiency, renewable energy and demand-side flexibility, and e-mobility. It steered a reflection on the evolving role of electricity suppliers, the deep transformation and cultural adjustments required. Eurelectric “15 pledges to customers” builds upon this process and shows that electricity suppliers are committed to become true energy partners for customers.


Read the full declaration here.

Read the full study here.


[1] Special Eurobarometer 490 (April, 2019)