#itsElectric wins Silver Award for Best Communications Campaign at the European Association Awards 2018

News Article

Eurelectric electrification campaign “itsElectric” won Silver for Best Communications Campaign at the European Association Awards 2018. The campaign struck a strong chord with the judges. The award is given to the most impactful communications campaigns which bring change, advancement or benefits to the association, its members or the cause as a whole.

In 2017, Eurelectric launched a multichannel communications campaign aimed at revealing electrification as the key vehicle for achieving a decarbonised, competitive and energy independent Europe. Eurelectric  maximised the effectiveness of the campaign through sustained and coordinated media efforts, partnerships and exploiting multiple communication channels, including a dedicated digital campaign on social media entitled #itsElectric.  

The main objectives of the campaign were to:

  1. Profile electricity as the cleanest energy carrier
  2. Partner up with non-energy industries to create value outside traditional borders
  3. Develop policy proposals to ensure recognition of electricity’s true potential and achieve tangible policy results.

Our campaign strategy classified each effort as a step forward towards: Committing to decarbonise electricity, Changing the mind-set of our target audience in regards to electricity and Connecting key stakeholders for the progressive electrification of other economic sectors.

The campaign built on our long-term commitment to achieve carbon-neutral electricity by 2050 and the statement of intention not to invest in new-build coal-fired plants after 2020.

To change the mind-set of our target audience in regards to electricity, Eurelectric launched of a report entitled “A bright future for Europe - The Value of Electricity in Decarbonising the European Union” and an animated video. The materials document the value of electricity in the clean energy transition and propose concrete policy proposals for a decarbonised and competitive Europe. We also launched a persistent social media campaign with examples of corporate initiatives and new electrification technologies using the hashtag #itsElectric.

Finally, we partnered up on several occasions with other sectors. Eurelectric was instrumental in launching last year the Electrification Alliance which has gathered 7 alliance partners as well as a growing number of over 50 supporting partners. The Alliance published a Declaration on Electrification which defined its objectives and its requests for the European and national policymakers and stakeholders.

We are grateful to all of our collaborators and stakeholders for their contributions. Please join us in supporting the electrification campaign by joining the Electrification Alliance and by using our hashtag #itsElectric on social media.