EU strategy on energy system integration – essential for a green recovery

News Article

The EU strategy on energy system integration will play an essential role in the green recovery of Europe’s economy. Eurelectric calls on the Commission to ensure an efficient use of a decarbonised energy system, driven by direct electrification, in its response to the public consultation.

Achieving the climate neutrality ambition requires a substantial transformation of the way energy is generated, transported and consumed, as well as stepping up the interactions with end-users. This strategy could bridge the different sectors of the economy and provide them with a long term vision towards a sustainable future.

Direct electrification, complemented by other decarbonised and renewable energy carriers, such as power-to-gas fuels, are the most efficient ways to achieve a carbon neutral economy. Therefore, this strategy is an opportunity to unleash the full potential of an integrated energy system if it ensures that:

  • Taxes and levies provide efficient and stable decarbonisation signals, are fairly set across energy carriers and are aligned with energy and climate targets. 
  • System operations have a deeper coordination, while infrastructure needs are soundly planned. This should reflect the evolution of the electricity networks, and the increased interaction with the gas grid.
  • Burden sharing between the sectors falling within and outside the scope of the Emission Trading System is adjusted. The most efficient tool for each sector must be consider.
  • Leadership and market-based approach in the development of key emerging technologies coming from the energy system are maintained.