Power Barometer 2019

Welcome to the first edition of the Power Barometer!

The Barometer brings together compelling evidence and data demonstrating our sector’s steady pathway to carbon neutrality. As we are marching towards a full decarbonisation, with ever greater volumes of renewables and a plummeting carbon intensity, we are convinced that we can serve Europe decrease its emissions drastically. With the right measures, electricity can become the solution to other sectors’ decarbonisation.


Presidency Testimonials

Magnus Hall

“Electrification offers the most cost-effective pathway to decarbonising a significant part of our society. We should build and reinforce strong synergies with other sectors, such as transport, heating and energy-intensive industries, with smart and resilient electricity infrastructure as the backbone of the future energy system.”

Magnus Hall - President of Eurelectric
Pat O'Doherty

“To effectively transition to a low carbon energy future and maximise the efficiencies of digitalised and distributed electricity system, the electricity sector needs to be completely reimagined with the customer at the centre.”

Pat O'Doherty - Vice-President of Eurelectric
Leonhard Birnbaum

“In the current dynamic environment, distribution networks need to do more than move power from A to B. They will need to take an active role in managing inputs and outputs, correcting imbalances, and continuing to maintain a reliable network. This can only be achieved if grids become smart, digital and flexible, which requires substantial innovation and investment.”

Leonhard Birnbaum - Vice-President of Eurelectric