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Vera Pinto Pereira

"Electrifying mobility is an essential step to take the world to another level of green"

Vera PINTO PEREIRA - Executive Board Member, EDP
Christopher Burghardt

“Access to EV charging infrastructure should be universal - we can learn a lot from telecommunications and the roaming success. The plug has been standardised, however more standardisation is needed.”

Christopher Burghardt - EU Managing Director, ChargePoint

"Smart grids will allow smart charging and empower people to manage the energy consumption, to get better prices and thus a reduced bill."

Antonio Espinosa - CEO, Iberdrola Distribucion

Eurelectric Secretariat Agenda


Speaking At...

WG Energy 2020-Energy 2030

P4G Copenhagen Summit Programme

VSE meeting

Aarau, Switzerland

FSR workshop- Competition Law and the Energy Sector

Brussels, Belgium

Workshop focused on the role of competition law in the energy sector

European Social Partners Final Conference “The electricity sector and future challenges-ensuring the right qualifications and good working conditions for young workers”