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The Paris rulebook is fundamental for enabling and encouraging climate action at all levels worldwide. The EU will continue to lead by turning commitments into concrete action, leaving no one behind in the transition to a climate-neutral future; and inspiring other countries to make this necessary transition.

Miguel Arias Cañete‏ - Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy

With this deal Europe will have over 40 million electric cars on the streets by 2030. This legislation will trigger a significant shift towards climate-friendly transport sector to the benefit of citizens and socities across Europe.

Kristian Ruby - Secretary General, Eurelectric

Following the provisional agreement on the CO2 emission standards for cars and vans, I look forward to seeing member states legislating in favour of cleaner and greener proposals which would ultimately benefit our health and our environment, translating into both consumer and industry benefits.

Miriam Dalli - MEP

Eurelectric Secretariat Agenda


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Workshop on “Zonal vs Nodal Pricing for the Electricity Market”

Swedenergy's steering group from north and south

A post COP24 discussion with Commissioner Arias Cañete

ECSO High-Level Roundtable on Europe's Cyber Future

Finnish Energy EU day

Finnish Energy EU day