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“The electrification of road transport in densely populated areas means eliminating air pollutant emissions at source, where they are most harmful.”

Hélène Lavray - Senior Advisor Renewables & Environment & Public Affairs Coordination, Eurelectric

"Hydropower is a reliable and sustainable partner to tackle climate change."

Hydropower Fact Sheets - Eurelectric

"We’re heading towards a world that is extremely electrified. Electric power is the most versatile, efficient, secure direct clean power."

Ralf Christian - CEO, Siemens Energy Management Division

Eurelectric Secretariat Agenda


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Electrification 2018

Long Beach, California

Innovation Week : solutions for a renewable-powered future

Bonn, Germany

ACI Hydropower Development 2018

Zurich, Switzerland

ExPPERTS Europe 2018

UFE annual conference

Renexpo Interhydro

Salzburg, Austria