Construction of the energy storage system

In 2020-2021 DTEK plans to build the 1/1,5 MWh energy storage system (ESS) at Zaporizhzhya Coal-Fired Power Plant. This is a first grid-scale storage system in Ukraine - a pilot project to find the best use cases of storage systems on the Ukrainian market. Being the largest private national investor in the Ukrainian energy sector DTEK sees this project as a contribution to the energy independence and decarbonization of Ukraine.

Source: DTEK
Construction of the energy storage system

Following the EU trend, Ukraine is on the way to develop the green energy. DTEK is a driving force of these changes that will determine the future of the energy sector of the country. DTEK investment priorities are defined by the goal - to become a leader in decarbonization. This goal is reflected at all levels of business development.

DTEK is the first company in Ukrainian energy market to announce the launch of ESS and is going to be the first one in Ukraine to install it.

This storage system will help to ensure the safety of Ukraine's energy system, enables the smooth integration of renewables, and reduces the total cost of electricity through virtually zero variable operating costs, replacing expensive fossil fuel power capacity. Moreover, ESS is an effective tool in the balancing of energy system. It will make possible to postpone consumption for convenient time, and at beneficial price.

Being the pioneer, DTEK will open a completely new segment of the market, the development of which will provide flexibility, reliability, security and independence of the country's energy system, as well as synchronization with Green Deal.

“This is the present and future of modern energy, which is transforming from centralized and "static” to distributed and "flexible". DTEK is taking the first step in this direction to share our experience with others”, - says Emanuele Volpe, Chief Innovation Officer at DTEK.

The project has two pillars: a strong business case and execution. The business case was built by adding flexibility to the grid without increasing fossil fuel power reserve.

DTEK is in the middle of the battery system vendor selection and by mid-June, DTEK plans to execute an agreement with the vendor. The final design, manufacturing, installation and commissioning will take the rest of 2020.

The lithium-ion storage system will be collocated at Zaporizhzhya Coal-Fired Power Plant where many points of the grid connections are available and highly qualified DTEK team is ready to launch and operate cutting-edge technologies.