HyWest: Power2X

HyWest intends to create a business case driven Green Hydrogen Region in Tyrol/Austria in the area of Kufstein close to the international road transport axis Munich - Verona....

Source: TIWAG-Tiroler Wasserkraft AG Electrification Alliance
Tiwag-HyWest: Power2X

HyWest intends to create a business case driven Green Hydrogen Region in Tyrol/Austria in the area of Kufstein close to the international road transport axis Munich - Verona. It will integrate the sectors green energy, green mobility and green industry at a regional level with hydropower as the primary energy source and PV as a future supplement. The sector coupling focus is on greening public gas supply by green hydrogen and green synthetic natural gas, green heat and green hydrogen for regional and international transport purposes as well as e-mobility.


The Euro 20 Mn investment consists of the research focused part “HyWest: Green Energy Region” and “Hy West: Power2X” including an innovative hydrogen infrastructure. The green power source for the PEM electrolysers with an installed capacity of in total up to 4 MWel is the 30 MW run-of-river-plant Langkampfen and a 25 kV backup connector to the public grid.

As the site is closely located to the central European TEN-T traffic axis Munich –Verona (A8, A93, A12, A13) it is well suited to support the Green Corridor initiative with an efficient H2 fuelling station for trucks and buses. Moreover it will be the hydrogen supply center for regional public transport initiatives (e.g. fuell cell buses, hydrogen train initiative Zillertal). 

The P2X facility will be essential for greening Tyrol’s gas supply. For this purpose it will be interconnected with the gas backbone as well as with the local gas distribution infrastructure.


Supporting increased future flexibility needs in the electricity system, the electrolysers will also be used for ancillary service provision and any other future flexibility products as a supplement to hydro and pumped hydro storage assets operated by TIWAG.

Tyrol’s climate and energy strategy 2050 also intends to decarbonise thermal or metallurgical processes of industry. This target will be supported by a trailer based solutions.


To optimise energy efficiency, electrolysers’ waste heat together with a large scale heat pump will be used for the public district heating of Kufstein, the second largest town of Tyrol, being mainly based on a biomass CHP-plant today. Additionally, the asset will also supply the cooling system of Kufstein’s district hospital.

Together with the technical aspect this project intents to improve public awareness on energy transition based on green regional energy ressources. Thus, communication and stakeholder integration are success factors. Within TIWAG’s website a project specific public web access will be installed and press releases will be published periodically. The visitor’s centre will be a substantial part of the hydrogen building in Kufstein, where interested persons can get detailed information from experts directly.

Together with regional enterprises such as Stadtwerke Kufstein GmbH, Bioenergie Kufstein GmbH, MPreis, FEN Systems, Zillertaler Verkehrsbetriebe AG, Inntaler Logistik-Park also ASFINAG, Dettendorfer, MAN and Hyunday are project partners.

Depending on public funding commitments a first operational experience may be expected within the coming two years.


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Remark: Project website is under construction.