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The energy service unit of YASNO Efficiency is dedicated to packaged services promoting energy efficiency and energy saving and develops turnkey installation of roof solar panels and electric energy storage systems.

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The energy service unit of YASNO Efficiency is dedicated to packaged services promoting energy efficiency and energy saving and develops turnkey installation of roof solar panels and electric energy storage systems. The Company develops energy service options for the public sector and is Ukraine’s only vendor enabling industry to save 30 to 90% of electricity and natural gas.

YASNO is a supplier of electric power, energy efficiency solutions and electric mobility for 3.5 mln customers in Ukraine. The Company takes part in the Eurelectric initiative “15 pledges to customers” and offers its customers innovative products and packaged energy efficiency services.

YASNO Efficiency provides services based on energy service contracts that include execution of energy efficiency projects on a turnkey basis.

The portfolio of YASNO Efficiency includes 80 energy service projects implemented at industrial enterprises and public sector facilities (childcare centers, schools, hospitals) with achieved saving of 30 to 90% of energy resources. YASNO’s total value of energy service contracts exceeds UAH 1.6 bln. The implemented projects allow the Company’s clients to save 150 mln kWh of power and 1.6 mln m³ of natural gas costing UAH 270 mln annually, which is the equivalent of reduction of CO2 emissions by 115 thou tonnes each year.

One of the largest projects brought to life by YASNO Efficiency is the enhancement of the lighting system at Metinvest Group’s Azovstal iron and steel works. A total of 5,174 new LED luminaires have been installed in several stages, saving 80% of energy and providing much better illumination in the workshops. The projects were complicated by the harsh environment to which the lighting equipment was to be subjected: high temperatures and dust in the premises. Therefore, it was necessary to resort to special high-temperature luminaires with a design preventing dust build-up. There were also additional complications due to the continuity of the production process in Azovstal shops which required precise planning of the installation works schedule and coordination with the schedules of processes. The lighting system retrofitting attained standard illumination levels prescribed for the workshops which have greatly improved work safety. The estimated annual saving is 51.4 mln kWh (75%), or UAH 79.7 mln.

Another substantial energy efficiency project is the installation of a frequency converter at DTEK’s Ladyzhynska TPP. The automation of decanted water pumping at the TPP has saved 31% of electric power required for the pump station operation. The 630 kW/6 kV smart frequency converter automatically regulates the water pressure in the reference point, adjusts the pump load and indicates to personnel any necessary corrections required in the operating equipment. The new equipment will allow the power plant to economize 2.3 mln kWh, saving more than UAH 5 mln annually. The environmental effect is reduction of CO2 emissions by two thou tonnes annually.

“We implement all our projects with an energy service business model: we invest our own money into the project, execute it on a turnkey basis, guarantee a specific level of energy saving and provide maintenance of the equipment. Many companies have already experienced the benefits and keep returning to us with new ideas and tasks. There are several industrial facilities where we have already implemented six projects. Energy service projects help companies not only save energy and reduce CO2 emissions significantly, but also improve work conditions,”

YASNO CEO Abdullah Köksal

The Company has implemented 27 energy efficiency projects in the public sector with estimated saving of 3.2 mln kWh and reduction of CO2 emissions by 943 tonnes annually. These include retrofitting of heating systems of public institutions (childcare centers, schools, hospitals and polyclinics) in Kyiv city and Zaporizhzhia, in Kyiv Region (Brovary and Skvyra) and in Donetsk Region (Bakhmut, Pokrovsk and Soledar).

“By investing money and improving facilities’ energy efficiency we create an opportunity for public organizations to save on energy resources and pay much less for utility services. The projects’ estimates have proven correct, and the planned heat and monetary savings have been attained. But what’s most important is that children, patients, workers and visitors feel warm: the average indoor temperature in the winter is a comfortable 18-22°C,”

YASNO Efficiency CEO Serhii Chulkov said.

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