Supporting Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has wrought unimaginable damage on the country. Hundreds of thousands of deportees, injured and dead people....

attacks on cities and key pieces of infrastructure have led to thousands of casualties and cut off essential services to millions of others. This tragic situation underscores the need for renewed efforts to end Europe’s reliance on imported fossil fuels. The European Union will be best able to support Ukraine and its people by reducing its dependence on Russian fossil fuels as rapidly as possible. The expansion of a clean energy system, supported by a modern grid network, and used to power electrified solutions in heating and transport, is our best chance to do so.

Can we start by words on deaths etc? Just one sentence or two - and then go into the electricity issue... 

Our former President, Jean-Bernard Lévy had this to say:

"Unjustified Russian aggression against Ukraine has made the clean energy transition even more urgent. "

It is now high time that Europe shields itself against the fossil fuel price volatility, which has prompted the energy price increase across the continent. This root cause must now be tackled, and Europe must wean itself from imported fossil fuels.

Electrification is undeniably the optimal solution to meet Europe’s decarbonisation targets, but also to ensure energy sovereignty, thanks to the expansion of clean and renewable installations."

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