Evision Webinar Part2 Webiste Event (2)

eVision: Accelerating Fleet Electrification

11:00 - 12:00 Online webinar

Following the success of our first e-mobility webinar in July join us for this follow up event which looks at how fleet electrification will be an important catalyst for accelerating the transition to electric mobility. The emerging EV fleet ecosystem also presents a number of opportunities for new business models and revenue growth.
Tune in to our interactive webinar on 10 November to learn:

  • How to scale up EV production and charging infrastructure deployment?
  • What makes fleet management financing strategies truly robust?
  • Who needs to collaborate in the EV fleet ecosystem?

This webinar will set the scene for our “eVision – Accelerating Fleet Electrification event which will take place on 2 & 3 February 2021. Further information on this can be found here.

What speakers said

'Road transport accounts for 21% of EU carbon emissions. There are around 313 million motor vehicles on Europe’s roads today, but just 2 million electric. We need to go electric'

Serge Colle and Thierry Mortier, EY

'I switched to electric in 2012. Electric vehicles are fast, fun to drive & green. As a United Nations Ambassador, clean air is critical for me. Air pollution causes so many early deaths, many more than Covid-19’

Lucas Di Grassi, Exteme E driver and Formula-E World Champion

'We have around 5M drivers worldwide. Our goal is to have all rides in N. America & Europe fully electric by 2030. We'll spend $800m until 2025 to help our drivers to switch to electric vehicles'

Matthew Richardson, Uber

'We have joined #EV100 and our goal is to electrify our fleet by 2030. We've started different partenships with mobility partners like Uber in France. Also, we invested something like £100m'

Olivier Dubois, EDF

‘Utilities are key for generating and making available the right volumes of clean electricity at the right time. Preparing for more EV’s requires investments in smart ways to manage loads and intelligent networks'

Mathias Wiecher, E-On Drive

'The carbon content of EV’s and batteries production is important. We want our batteries to be the cleanest. We must stop exporting air quality problem to the rest of the world'

Isobel Sheldon, BritishVolt