Europe’s high electricity prices, how to respond to the challenge

Since this summer, Europe has been experiencing rising wholesale electricity prices mainly caused by the increase of global natural gas prices. This has in turn raised sharp concerns and triggered political debate across the continent. Effective solutions already exist to mitigate impact on end-consumers: lower taxes & levies on electricity bill, accelerate the rollout of new clean energy sources, and target energy efficiency and social measures to vulnerable customers as reflected in the European Commission ToolBox.

Yet some governments question the efficiency of energy markets and are attempting  measures which can severely endanger the market and the energy transition at large. Eurelectric strongly believes that the current market design based on competitive marginal pricing and further market integration is the key to ensuring secure and cost-effective energy supplies to the EU’s industries and citizens.

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Leading voices on the rising prices and what must be done

Eurelectric has staunchly opposed ill-conceived responses that will only rattle the internal market and investor confidence, putting the energy transition at risk. Hear what our Secretary-General Kristian Ruby has to say as well as a variety of stakeholders from this year’s Power Barometer:

Latest news

What makes up a European electricity customer’s final bill

See the breakdown below and how taxes and levies take up 40% of it on average. This figure has been rising for the past decade but needs to fall if the #ElectricDecade is to become a reality.

Country-by-country analysis

Countries across Europe have been affected by the rise in electricity prices but are responding in different ways, some good some bad. Click here to see our detailed overview of the impacts on and actions of 24 countries across Europe.